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“You only live once, so why not be great”

Steve Canal is an award-winning branding architect, author, and global motivational speaker. A self-proclaimed corporate-preneur, Steve serves as Principal and CEO of The Brand Executive and a National Community Affairs Lead for MillerCoors.

Steve is not limited to immersing himself in solution-oriented ideas that only impact his clients, he desires to positively impact the lives of business professionals worldwide prompting his exploration into authorship. His debut book, “The Mind of a Winner”, takes a deep dive into personal growth with the intent to cut down the learning curve of success and inspire a winning mindset that will put readers on the path to achieving success with purpose. “The Mind of a Winner”, a #1 best seller on Amazon, is filled with power moves and methodologies from the likes of Business Mogul/ Shark Daymond John, Real Estate Tycoon Barbara Corcoran, Sports Champions & T.V. Analysts Swin Cash, Kenny “The Jet” Smith, 2 Chainz & many more.

Steve brings wisdom and practical advice to the pages of this project, as he has to the stages he’s graced throughout his years as a keynote speaker, host, and panelist. His undeniable foresight in business and engaging spin on real world issues keeps audiences captivated, making him an in-demand speaker.

Despite having an award-winning career that has garnered recognition from the likes of the Golden Trumpet Marketing Food & Beverage Award, Black Enterprise Modern Man of Distinction, National Urban League Corporate Circle Award, 100 Black Men, Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, and more – it is Steve’s core beliefs, family values and passion for growth that fuel his drive to achieve greatness.

The Brand Executive

In addition to the live step-by-step trainings, you also get access to The Brand Executive private community.

This is where you can connect with Steve Canal directly with your questions, build relationships with other members, discover new business opportunities, and find reliable answers to different situations you encounter as an entrepreneur or trying to climb the corporate ladder.

Doing it for the culture.

It is rare to acquire high-level security clearance needed to gain access to the most classified minds of an era – especially for the cost of this book. This isn’t your average bio, business or brand marketing story. This is The Mind of a Winner – a book about a relentless determination and rare drive into the realm where miracles are – a winner’s mind. Those who make power moves are part of a movement much bigger than themselves that ultimately disrupts our normal way of thinking and alters our approach to life. With an ever-changing and fluid entrepreneurial ecosystem, Bestselling Author and The Brand Executive Steve Canal is putting you in position to consistently win. Period.

TBE Lifestyle

People often wonder what’s the recipe for success. While each person’s experience will vary. There are some key ingredients that are essential to your personal brand. It starts with your DNA. What’s already inside of you. Knowing the Culture: Experiences, beliefs, values, attitudes, meanings, hierarchies, religions, concepts of the universe and how it’s perceived through generations will give you purpose and clarity for your life’s journey. The Brand Executive life style helps you combine these ingredients to become the executive of your brand. You are The Brand Executive.

It’s about you, taking control of your destiny to become the CEO of your own brand. Learning your weaknesses and making them compliment your strengths so you can take ownership of your life and brand. What is your brand you ask? It’s you! The way you walk, the way you talk. It’s a mindset and way of life and thinking.

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