Friday, May 13, 2016

6 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Chasing Your Dream

No matter what goals, dreams or personal changes you want to achieve in your life, the reality for you and everyone else, is that it requires commitment, focus, hard work, courage and the determination to succeed. There is no way that you can hope to create change in your life or achieve your goals and dreams without these key elements.
Even when we  all know this, when it comes to us achieving our goals and dreams  many of us will start and then stop, then start again and then stop and then finally give up because it is all too hard.
When embarking on your journey of personal change avoid these 6 common mistakes and you will enhance your chances of achieving any dream and goal you set in life.

1. Expecting Fast Results

This mistake can have a significant impact on your belief and motivation to succeed. If you expect fast results and you don’t get them, what happens is you lose your belief of your goal or your dream being possible to achieve. Never underestimate the power of patience when it comes to setting and working towards a goal or your dream.
It is your patience that will keep you on your journey to achieving success.

2. See Failure As A Sign To Give Up

I have failed many times in my life and it is tough but not impossible to pick yourself up and start all over again.
The point in life when you have most control of your life, is when you are facing failure or you have failed. It is only you that has the power to choose how you want failure to impact on your life. You can choose to see it as a sign (the easy option) to give up or you can choose to pick yourself up and start again.  It is all down to you.
Here are 2 important questions that you could ask yourself to help you keep moving past your failures toward your goals or dreams.
  1. What was the reason for my failure – what can I learn from this and how can I improve?
  2. Why did I want to pursue this goal or dream to begin with – and has anything changed?

3. Failure To Expect Or Plan For The Unexpected

With your life goals expect the unexpected – it will happen. When we are not prepared for the unexpected and it happens, we let these events bring our world to a crashing halt.
Preparing for the unexpected is the best we can manage when it comes to life goals and any other goals we set for ourselves.

4. Getting Bored With The Daily Grind

To achieve what you want in life requires you have to change, to do things differently, to create new habits and new thoughts.  
Successful athletes will train and practice  one technique or one drill for many hours just to get that one thing right. That is the difference between being great or being ordinary.
Be prepared for boredom as there will be times when you just have to keep going and keep doing the same thing day in and day out.

5. You Never Visualize What Is Possible

If you want to increase your chances of achieving your goals and dreams then, visualization is where it all begins.
It's one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do to achieve specific goals and make important changes in your life. Visualization works because your mind can’t tell the difference between visualization and an actual event. It helps your brain to recognise what resources you will need to achieve your dreams and goals.
A vision board is a way for you to bring your thoughts, dreams and desires to life. When you are visualizing you are doing two important things,
  1. You are creating a visual space of possibility which is your inner fuel (motivation) for you to draw from on your journey to achieving your goals and dreams.
  2. With possibility comes hope and optimism and it is these positive thoughts and feelings that help you stay on track to success.
Visualizing what is possible helps you to keep your eye on the big picture. When you take your eye off the big picture you slowly lose your desire, your faith and your belief in you.

6. Setting Unrealistic Steps To Achieving Your Goals

If you are setting goals that you have never achieved before then it is expected that part of you is not going to believe it is possible. Too often when we set our goals we focus on the future of achieving the goal – not the everyday steps we need to take to get us started and to keep us on track.
Losing weight is a goal many of us have tried to do but not always achieved. One of the reasons why we start, stop and then give up is because we focus on the total amount that we have to lose – not the weight we could lose every week. 
So take action and identify the obstacles that will block you from achieving your goals. Once you have identified these obstacles then:
  1.  Look for proof that your goals are realistic and achievable
  2.  Argue with Your Negative Self –tell it to take a hike!
  3.  Find a supporter to share your feelings, your dreams
  4. Acknowledge your past successes – CELEBRATE YOU
By avoiding these 6 common mistakes you will find that focus, discipline, commitment, courage, self belief, and determination will shine with in you and you can not help but succeed in all the things that you want to achieve in your life.

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